New Genealogy Platform Connects Future Audiences to Today’s Stories

New Genealogy Platform Connects Future Audiences to Today’s Stories

An exciting new Kickstarter campaign has launched to help grow and develop one of the world’s most innovative genealogy websites. Liverpool-based Descendantry, a digital platform that allows users to share their personal stories with future descendants and create lasting legacies, is raising funds to develop new features, boost the user experience, and improve mobile layouts to make it easier to tell today’s stories, tomorrow.

The web-based platform enables users to write their personal stories, tell of their own history, and jot down important life events and memories, which will remain private until the user’s 120th birthday. Once public, descendents can gain a fuller, more personal insight into the life of their ancestors, discovering not only where they lived, or who they lived with, but also how they lived. Descendantry is designed to store richer, more detailed information about the more personal side of life than traditional fact-based genealogy websites.

“Existing genealogy sites have been instrumental in helping us to trace our ancestors and discover our own history, yet we still remain distanced from our relatives,” says Descendantry Founder David Curzon. “We can learn facts, but rarely do we have an opportunity to learn about our ancestors on a more personal level, especially with the fact-based nature of many genealogy sites. Descendantry aims to change that, making it easy for users to share a more personal side of themselves with future generations, connecting us to the future, and helping to connect our descendants with their unique past.”

While social networking sites have laid the foundations for this precise concept, like much of the web their popularity is time limited. Just as users flocked from MySpace to Facebook, and more recently to Instagram, the social space will continue to evolve, resulting in the great loss of personal data. Descendantry is built to run indefinitely, preserving history and making it easily accessible to future generations, with everything all in a single place.

Descendantry is an inclusive platform, allowing everyone to tell their story, whether or not they plan to have direct descendants in the future. Ultimately, it strives to offer an opportunity for everyone to take some time out, and tell their tale. This can be achieved by building an ‘about me’ page or writing an autobiography through the website, linking to websites or social profiles, logging key life events, noting relationships, and creating media albums.

Descendantry is seeking 1,500 storytellers to donate £20 each to support the ongoing development of the project, raising £3,000 to bring more

features to the site’s existing and future users. If your story is one that deserves to be told to your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all future generations, then consider donating.

Become a part of the future today. By donating to the Descendantry Kickstarter fund, supporters will gain access to the exclusive Founders’ Club, benefitting from numerous rewards such as a free featured profile, event invitations, and early access to all the latest features that are in development.

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