New generation of video dating app aims to give those looking for love the bigger picture

New generation of video dating app aims to give those looking for love the bigger picture

The brand new dating app Snatchable has launched in the UK with the aim of giving those seeking a new partner the ability to delve deeper into their personality before making contact thanks to a unique video function.

Traditional dating apps only allow for a static image and profile to be displayed to members before making an initial connection, but with Snatchable, users can view a video profile. The video gives a far better insight into the personality of the other party than can be captured by a written description alone.

Another key feature of the Snatchable dating app is that the video enables the user to see the other person from several angles and as the video is created when they download the app, users can rest assured that the person they see will not have changed dramatically by the time they connect with them.

With many users relying on old or enhanced photos on other dating sites, the ability to view a recent video helps to safeguard members of Snatchable and creates a culture of openness and honesty for anyone using the new app.

Snatchable has also gone a stage further when it comes to the subject of safety by including a function to share the user’s location with friends and family should they decide to meet up with one of their matches. This gives greater peace of mind to users and assurance to their loved ones that they will be safe when attending meetups and dates.

Available on both Android and iOS, the app has received five-star reviews from users looking for love and companionship since its launch and is free to download on a wide range of devices, making it easier than ever to find a perfect match.

The app also offers the ability to inject a little fun into the search for a new partner with the supersnatch function that allows users to send quirky and cute animations to others to express their mood.

Snatchable founder and CEO Amit Seyani, said: “The Snatchable video function not only dispels any concerns that users might have about the actual appearance of the person they’ve matched with before they connect, but it also offers a vital glimpse into their personality that can be essential when looking to form a bond with someone new.”

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