New globally conscious, vegan & cruelty-free online marketplace opens for business

New globally conscious, vegan & cruelty-free online marketplace opens for business

New cruelty-free online marketplace Vbazaar has launched, selling a range of vegan, cruelty free and environmentally-friendly products from independent retailers across the globe. Every item sold is vegan, cruelty free, eco friendly, globally conscious and sustainable, they respect animals and the environment and adhere to strict cruelty-free standards. The vast marketplace offers everything from ethical men’s clothing and CBD chocolate to vegan skincare, cosmetics, home and garden essentials and tasty tea blends.

Vbazaar’s launch comes as the UK enters its second week of a country-wide lockdown, forcing many retailers to close their physical doors once again. For those already struggling with the fallout from widespread closures earlier this year, shutting bricks and mortar stores could not have come at a worse time, with over 300,000 people facing redundancy and almost one quarter of businesses temporarily closed or paused trading as a result of COVId-19. Worse still, data from accounting firm PwC says a record number of high strees stores have shut up shop completely this year due to the pandemic.

Vbazaar is the perfect solution for sustainable business owners to get online and continue to sell their products despite store closures. Unlike some online giants, Vbazaar is designed to support and champion vendors. Its launch is not only timely as independent businesses seek cost-effective entrance to the ecommerce market, the platform’s own research suggests that eco-conscious and sustainable shopping is here to stay. “Alternative to single-use” search terms are up by 137% this year, while Google Trends data shows searches for veganism hit an all-time high in 2020, with purchases of plant-based products increasing by 90% in the USA at the peak of the first wave. Google says searches for sustainable living and zero waste are now mainstream across the UK.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing a consumer shift toward online shopping, combined with these upward trends in environmentally-friendly products and behaviours, online globally conscious and sustainable selling will be the future. Vbazzar benefits retailers by providing an online marketplace to help small & large businesses boost sales during these unprecedented times, as well as getting ahead of this growing trend, and bettering the planet.

Alan Morgan and Tomasz Dobies founders of Vbazaar said, “We are ecstatic to finally have launched Vbazaar, an idea that we have been working on for the past three years. We truly believe in a sustainable future, and wish to bring together like-minded individuals to build a community of people that are invested in making a better future.

“We are focused on expanding and build our online marketplace and community, to give retailers an opportunity to get online, and to encourage shoppers to purchase globally conscious products from a huge range of high quality items, all carefully sourced and convenient to access.”

To become a Vbazaar vendor or to shop the sustainable range, visit: