Martial arts classes launch on 7th September, for students at all levels

A new traditional Karate club is welcoming new students of all ages, experience and backgrounds to come and discover the unique benefits of martial arts for themselves. Launching on Thursday 7th September,
Guildford Karate Academy offers training for everyone, from beginners to more advanced students, with specialist classes for children (6.30-7:30pm) and adults and teens (7:30pm – 9.00pm) at Guildford County School. The first lesson is free to all new students.

Surrey Karate, the team behind the launch, already runs successful Martial Arts classes in Farnham, Haslemere, Aldershot and at local schools, with this new club set to be just as popular. Their chief instructor is M. Shiomitsu 9th Dan Hanshi, a world renowned authority in martial arts. The clubs often run courses with high profile coaches and recently held their tenth annual seminar with nine-time World champion, Wayne Otto OBE. He is noted in the Guinness Book of Records, as the most successful karate competitor of all time.

Not only is karate tremendous fun, but it’s also great for building confidence, toning up and burning calories – making it a workout much more exciting than your average trip to the gym! The classes are fully-inclusive, welcoming both women and men to come along and see how learning karate can benefit their health, wellbeing and state of mind.

“I would recommend to anyone thinking of trying out martial arts, to give Guildford Karate Academy a go,” says Nicky Hill, a student of the clubs. “Having trained many years ago and had a long break, I decided in my 40’s to get back into karate. I searched around and chose to give their Karate classes a try and I’m so pleased I did! I felt welcome straight away and the lessons are geared to all levels – I’ve even been able to train with Wado-Ryu karate Grandmaster, H. Ohtsuka 3rd.
There are plenty of female students and a real mix of ages, proving that it’s never too late to start training. I continue to learn and improve, so will you and you won’t regret starting!”

Find out more about Guildford Karate Academy at the official website or call 07876 577675.