New Hawaii Based Focused Initiative Launches to Connect Non-Profit Organizations with Essential Resources

New Hawaii Based Focused Initiative Launches to Connect Non-Profit Organizations with Essential Resources

Not for profit organizations based in the paradise of Hawaii have a new tool at their disposal to help further their aims thanks to the launch of the Eia Hawaii Fund (EHF). The beautiful haven of Hawaii is steeped in history, culture, and stunning vistas. However, many non-profit groups struggle to access the essential resources they need to preserve and elevate the aspects that make Hawaii a unique global destination and community but that’s about to change.

Through taking a holistic approach in helping Hawaii thrive, the EHF aims to further excellent work that organizations are already doing across four key aspects – education, culture and arts, Hawaiian heritage, and environmental protection. The EHF will facilitate essential connections to provide critical infrastructure, funding, human resources, and empowered leadership that’s needed to ensure organizations flourish.

Louise K. Davies, Director,of Eia Hawaii Fund, said, “Throughout Hawaii there are plenty of amazing non-profits that are doing incredible work to create thriving communities that are in balance with the natural wonders found across the islands. Preserving what makes Hawaii such a wonderful destination for future generations is essential and that encompasses numerous different aspects, from teaching youngsters about the traditional rituals to taking steps to encourage native wildlife. We’re thrilled to be supporting organizations that are already taking steps to do just that and helping them to achieve even more over the coming months.”

The newly launched EHF has handpicked the initiatives and organizations that it will forge relationships with, announcing them over the coming months. Building on deep philosophy of trust that’s part of Hawaiian culture, EHF will aim to fill a vital gap in the between what organizations need and what the government is currently able to provide. Recognizing it’s not a lack of will or ability that currently holds organizations back but resources, the EHF will act as a bridge.

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