New Homeowners Find Cost-Effect Way to Furnish with Favorey App

New Homeowners Find Cost-Effect Way to Furnish with Favorey App

As prices rise and wages fail to catch up, owning their own home is fast becoming a pipe dream for many young people in Britain. In the case that they do find their dream house, the next expense is furnishing it – with a recent survey suggesting this can cost in the region of £15,00 if appliances and furnishings are bought brand new but now innovative new app Favorey is offering new homeowners a more cost-effective way to do things.

The easy to use award-winning app allows users to post about goods or services they need. For new homeowners, this provides the perfect platform to find new appliances or furnishings for every room of the house. Once their request has been posted on the app, they can sit back as offers come in from people with a washing machine they no longer need or a sofa going spare.

Thomas Baggio, Chief Product Officer of Favorey, said, “We know from personal experience that buying and furnishing a home, or even a flat, can quickly add up. That’s part of the reason we created the generic category on the Favorey app. This category is specifically designed for users to post about any items they need – including home furnishings or even larger white goods, the price of which can be extortionate when bought first hand. It’s our hope that new or struggling homeowners can furnish whole rooms with furniture found through Favorey, providing them with a cheaper alternative to high street stores while times are tough.”

As Favorey has a trusted network of helpers offering goods and services, homeowners can be sure they’re getting good quality furniture without breaking the bank.

To find out more about how Favorey works and how it could help new homeowners, visit the website