New hospitality service caters to offices in post-pandemic world

New hospitality service caters to offices in post-pandemic world

As flexible work-from-home agreements become the new workplace norm, managers of offices and commercial spaces are faced with a dilemma: how to safely supply food and drink to staff when it’s not clear how many people are in, or when, and the level of demand varies widely from day to day.

Step forward Team R&G, an innovative partnership between workplace coffee specialist Roast & Ground and hospitality staff provider Off to Work.

Team R&G is designed with flexibility at its heart. Its solutions are tailor made to suit the daily-changing needs of modern workplaces and fit seamlessly into any office set-up – yet clients pay only for the services they need when they need them.

“The old ways of full-service staff catering and buffet solutions simply won’t work for many companies going forward,” says Team R&G founder Catherine Gray.

“There are businesses who now only want someone to work mornings, to set their staff up for a great day; or they need a person on-site all day but only three days a week. The point is: Team R&G has the flexibility to handle that. And because it’s all about fit, anything that doesn’t work can quickly be changed.”

Whether it’s welcoming breakfast pastries and expertly-made cappuccino, lunchtime sandwiches and sushi, or birthday cakes and after-work drinks parties, Team R&G handles it all with a winning attitude and champion customer service.

“We take the load with regards to employment, DBS checks, fair pay and holiday pay, so it’s easier for businesses to welcome staff and stakeholders back to their offices,” says Catherine. “All our people are highly trained in health and safety, food safety and covid-awareness, and will turn up smartly dressed in the client’s preferred uniform or ours.”

Team R&G offers short-term contracts with a minimum requirement of four hours per session and three sessions per week.

“This is a fabulous opportunity for workplaces to reassess how they want to run,” says Catherine. “For some, it’s the time to finally have that cool coffee cart they’ve always dreamed of. Others will want to treat staff who are making the journey in with breakfast or afternoon tea, or Taco Tuesdays.

“The camaraderie, focus and wellbeing these types of provision generate is now widely accepted and companies offering them will reap the benefits in terms of loyalty and retention,” she concludes.

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