New HR Service Argues Attractiveness Can Make or Break a Business

New HR Service Argues Attractiveness Can Make or Break a Business

A new recruitment agency is taking a fresh approach to finding the best talent within human resources by considering attractiveness alongside the more traditional attributes that are assessed. Secretary Affairs has taken the perhaps controversial view that looks and first impressions really do matter in the competitive world of business following personal experiences and research.

A glamorous, attractive assistant can instantly change the atmosphere of meetings, the company explains. Secretary Affairs has noted that in the presence of a beautiful assistant, business negotiations can often flow easier, problems are resolved quicker, and there’s a friendlier environment throughout meetings. As a result, the appearance of members of staff, including secretaries and personal assistants, can make or break a business. Secretary Affairs notes that entrepreneurs have been considering attractiveness for years, pointing out that the appearance of flight attendants plays a significant role in how an airline is viewed.

Isabella Garcia, HR manager of Secretary Affairs, said, “There’s no denying that attractiveness matters in business. From marketing campaigns to business premises, firms that are serious about their image spend time considering how they will be viewed. Secretary Affairs builds on this simple psychology by sourcing not only highly qualified candidates but ones that are glamorous too. Personal assistants come into contact with business partners, clients, competitors, and others key people, how they are perceived from the very beginning of each meeting does matter.”

While Secretary Affairs takes a unique approach when selecting candidates, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to experience or qualifications, proficiency still matters to the firm. All candidates are considered exceptional, coming with strong academic and professional backgrounds. Despite being a hybrid of a modelling agency and a recruitment firm, the company follows a classic hiring process. Businesses still deliver their job criteria and are offered the profiles of potential candidates based on each role description. There’s just one difference when firms choose to hire with Secretary Affairs – a glamorous appearance matters.

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