New Kitchen Accessory Helps Fight Knife Misuse & Injuries Across UK

New Kitchen Accessory Helps Fight Knife Misuse & Injuries Across UK

A Kickstarter campaign for a new kitchen accessory to help fight knife misuse and injury across the UK has achieved 100% funding less than 24 hours after launch. The innovative product – KnifeLock® – is a new, lockable knife block that’s designed to protect children, pets, and homeowners from knife misuse, reducing the risk of knife-related accidents and potentially saving lives.

KnifeLock®, which comes complete with 5 compatible kitchen knives, ensures that utensils can only be removed from the block by an approved user. The set includes a unique set of keys that unlock the knives, preventing non-key holders from accessing the equipment. The patented sprung steel auto latching system allows for knives to be replaced at any time while the block is in its locked position for convenience and added home safety and security.

The launch of the revolutionary new product is expected to play a significant role in tackling growing knife misuse across the country. ROSPA data shows that the home is the most likely location for accidents, and that children under the age of five are statistically more likely to suffer an injury at home. Research by the National Accident Helpline also suggests that nearly half of all people have injured themselves using kitchen knives when cooking food.

Even more worrying statistics are being published by NHS England, which shows a 54% increase in knife crime amongst children and teenagers over the past five years. The PDSA also reports on growing concerns for knife injuries in animals following the heartbreaking case of a dog swallowing kitchen knives.

Mike Brough, Founder of KnifeLock®, says, “Knives are powerful, dangerous weapons, yet they’re also everyday objects that we all have in our homes, typically popped away in a kitchen drawer, or in a countertop holder. Wherever they are, they’re usually accessible, and in underestimating their dangers, we’re potentially putting ourselves, our children, and our pets at unnecessary risk. That’s why we’ve designed the KnifeLock®. We believe that reducing accessibility to weapons is key to tackling accidents and injuries”.

The idea for KnifeLock® came following concerns from Brough’s wife about her safety when home alone; a valid worry considering the growing media coverage of intruders picking up kitchen knives to intimidate or harm homeowners. Visualising a lockable knife block to alleviate these worries, Brough teamed up with Innovate Design to turn his ideas from concept to reality, developing and patenting the product ready to launch in the UK.

As well as being an essential home safety device, KnifeLock® is also a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Made from fully recyclable, sustainable solid wood, the block is available in acacia, bamboo, and midnight black finishes, with each colour option including a compatible set of five knives:

1 x 3.5” paring knife

1 x 5” steak knife

1 x 7” carving knife

1 x 7” chef knife

1 x 7” bread knife

The KnifeLock® Kickstarter campaign is currently live, but will end on Thursday 8th July 2021. While the Super Early Bird offers have now sold out, there are a few Early Bird and Bulk Buy rewards still available. The first batch of KnifeLock® orders are expected to ship during September and October 2021.

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