Publication delves deeper for those seeking a true cultural connection

There are many lifestyle magazines on the market, but most only scratch the surface when exploring the topics they cover, and this is particularly the case with magazines which deal with travel. For those who expect something a little different from their travel and from their reading, there’s a new publication, Caliber, which is seeking to change all that – with a revolutionary format which takes a more in-depth approach to the worlds of travel, culture, food and design.

Offering a truly global perspective, the magazine was founded with the intent of uniting a community of world travelers, delving deeper than ever before into the experience of travel and offering far more than the average touristic experience. Through conversations with local residents, Caliber is able to provide much more information intended to enrich a travel experience than any magazine before it, providing a valuable and in-depth gateway for learning about what truly makes different cultures tick.

With a readership of intelligent and culturally enthused, knowledge-hungry individuals, the magazine promises a future filled with fewer tourist traps and more opportunities to explore the road less travelled. From unspoiled destinations to local customs and ways of seeing the world through another person’s eyes, there’s no better publication for getting a deeper knowledge, understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of Caliber Magazine,” says Sherri James, Founder and Editor-in-Chief. “We may have New York offices, but our approach to travel is to truly ‘go native’ – and we’ve compiled a wealth of experience and knowledge into our editorial team of avid travelers in order to cater to other likeminded individuals, with the hope it’ll help shape their future travel habits by helping them see the beauty in people and places beyond their everyday lives.”

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