New Marketeroes launch offers experienced entrepreneurs expertise to get B2B marketing off the ground

New Marketeroes launch offers experienced entrepreneurs expertise to get B2B marketing off the ground

The booming small business community can now tap into some of the best B2B content marketing skills available in the UK thanks to the launch of a unique new service.

Marketeroes is an integrated, B2B content marketing agency based in the UK providing a full range of content marketing, lead generation, and lead nurturing services. It provides a fully managed team of content marketing superheroes dedicated to experienced entrepreneurs who lack the time, resources or expertise needed to grow their business.

Andrea Walsh, Marketing Director said, “The small business economy in the UK is incredibly vibrant and growing in size daily. But, it is evident that while experienced entrepreneurs are specialists in their respective industry sectors, many lack the essential marketing skills needed to compete in such a competitive climate.”

Inspired by the lack of time, resources, and expertise that often plague small businesses, Marketeroes has set itself a mission to deliver more support to entrepreneurs earlier in their journey. Committed to solving the dilemma of hiring staff and growing a business, Marketeroes provides a carefully curated team of B2B content marketing specialists at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house marketing team or multiple agencies.

Marketeroes uses a three-step process to slot seamlessly (and virtually) into any business. It begins with research into the industry to establish a brand identity and define target audiences. A planning stage follows and a content marketing framework is developed to help determine the best ways to tell the brand’s story.

Once the brand identity and target audiences are defined, a documented content marketing strategy is produced in line with business and social goals. This helps establish which channels and mediums are best in terms of reaching the defined audiences.

Finally, they create unique and interesting content targeted for prospects at every stage of the customer journey to be distributed through the most relevant channels and mediums.

Andrea Walsh added “B2B prospecting and buying cycles can extend over many months, so not all leads that we generate will be ready to make a purchase. We nurture the leads using content marketing strategies and marketing automation so we can deliver higher quality leads that are more likely to convert to sales. In our experience, campaigns using marketing automation can increase sales conversion rates by as much as 53%.

Marketeroes’ hand-picked, UK-based B2B content marketing specialists are true superheroes, selected for their exceptional knowledge, attitude and ability to tackle any content marketing task. Certified and tested annually in all Google apps, the team is competent in using the latest technologies. Marketeroes is committed to providing the most affordable, flexible, and scalable content marketing, lead generation and lead nurturing services for experienced entrepreneurs – powering small business growth.

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