Helping to educate and inform aspiring models with unique online portal

A new advice bureau is out to help guide aspiring models away from rogue imposter agencies. The Models Advice Bureau has been set up to provide a vital lifeline for new models entering an often unregulated and dangerous industry, where those not in-the-know are frequently taken advantage of.

From false promises to asking for cash up-front, these imposter agencies operate all over the UK, drawing in scores of applicants eager to get involved in the glitz and glamour of the modelling world. Rogue agencies can strike at any time with models of any age, and the Models Advice Bureau wants to help models achieve their dreams without being conned out of their hard-earned cash.

In the event that a model has already been affected by a scammer, the MAB is there to show models the most effective ways of getting their  money back – whilst educating them on how to avoid exploitation in future.

The MAB also offers crucial guidance to parents, helping them to navigate the modelling world alongside their daughters. With a new subscription service available for just £1 a month, the MAB are on hand to answer all questions relating to modelling, as well as offering free e-books and resources on how to get ahead as a model. In addition, the MAB will provide higher education coursework books, acknowledging that many models are drawn from the education system. By supporting these models on their academic journey, the MAB seeks to empower them to have greater confidence in turning down scam and rogue agencies and understanding how they function with greater clarity.

In addition, MAB is launching Your Model Management (YUMM), a professional modelling site aimed at delivering everything new models need without any of the dark underside of the industry. As the sister site of MAB, YUMM can offer a valid alternative to the scores of aspiring models concerned they could be scammed or financially exploited when trying to make their mark on the modelling world. YUMM seeks to provide a transparent and valuable service which removes that fear, and change the narrative for thousands of models throughout the UK. Thanks to the Models Advice Bureau and YUMM, women and girls can now look forward to approaching a career in modelling with greater confidence.

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