New Natural Problem-Solving Skincare Serum Ticks All the Boxes on Sustainability and Ethics

New Natural Problem-Solving Skincare Serum Ticks All the Boxes on Sustainability and Ethics

Consumers with a passion for ethical beauty have a new, essential serum to add to their skincare kits. Designed to effectively target and eliminate a huge range of common skincare concerns, the launch of the Nourishing Organic Serum from EliRose Skincare promises bright complexions and a youthful glow.

Made in Britain using ethical practices, the serum is free from skin irritants, making it suitable for those with even the most sensitive skin. On top of that, EliRose Skincare ticks all the boxes that the modern, conscious shopper looks for. The product is certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, making it one of the most ethical serums on the market. Its responsible approach is balanced with a commitment to deliver customers with results, replenishing dehydrated skin, fighting the signs of ageing, and solving acne problems.

Claudia Bussieres, CEO and Founder of EliRose Skincare, said, “Unlike major skincare companies still using synthetic chemicals or other skin irritants, we have spent eight years creating a 100% certified organic formula packed with antioxidants and the finest plant extracts. There’s rightly a growing movement in beauty for natural ingredients. Beauty lovers want their must-have purchases to reflect their wider ethical choices and to be 100% sure that what they’re putting on their skin is healthy, with the Nourishing Organic Serum they can be.”

The Nourishing Organic Serum uniquely blends ten organic oils for a luxurious, non-greasy ointment that’s packed with goodness. The floral scent adds the perfect final touch to the product. With users needing just one or two pumps per application, using the signature EliRose Skincare product couldn’t be easier.

Bussieres added, “Everyone wants to achieve that envious, beautiful, natural glow combined with clear skin. We’ve spent years developing the Nourishing Organic Serum to do away with some of the most common skin complaints people have today to leave users feeling fresh faced and confident.”

The Nourishing Organic Serum, which will retail at £68, is just the first product in the planned collection from EliRose. The brand has a mission to

create and develop beauty items that both do good and leave users feeling refreshed, without adding synthetic chemicals or harming the environment.

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