New Online Department Store Launches Exclusively for Independent British Brands

New Online Department Store Launches Exclusively for Independent British Brands

Online retail start-up to take on John Lewis and other high-end department stores to
support brands closer to home.

BritYard, the UK’s first online-only, luxury department store exclusively stocking independent British Brands, today announced the company and its plans to take on traditional department stores. Unlike other retail disruptors, BritYard has partnered with independent British brands to bring consumers high quality and sustainable products that are built to last. But buying British isn’t just about celebrating local; for BritYard, it is about redefining what it means to ‘buy British’.

“The way consumers purchase products is changing dramatically, now more than ever it’s important to support and showcase the diversity of British businesses in the wake of challenges caused by Brexit and Coronavirus,” said Lara Chant, BritYard’s Founder.

“Traditional department stores largely represent international brands, but for the first time, BritYard aims to bring British brands together into a single destination for those seeking the very best of design and sustainable craftsmanship, with the aim of empowering smaller British businesses who are the foundation of our economy to build a strong future for generations to come.”

The company has partnered with British brands including STOW, Benson & Clegg, Sabinna and Bell Hutley to launch growing collections in home and lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wines, spirits and giftware, but plans to span all categories you would usually expect to see in a traditional bricks and mortar high street department store.

As BritYard continues to expand its brand portfolio it is committed to working with business owners and founders from diverse backgrounds, with the likes of Five Dot Botanics & Bivain already on board. Coming from a mixed background herself, Chant recognises the need to support diverse business owners to spark change across the retail industry.

The launch comes as John Lewis and other department stores are being forced to close swathes of their retail stores in an attempt to balance their books and adapt their business models to cater for the seismic shift towards online shopping habits.

After launching an early concept site in 2020, the complicated arrival of the Founder’s first child caused an early setback, but after a return to health and a period of normality, BritYard was finally launched in April of this year.

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