New Online Grant Search Platform Launches to Simplify the Funding Hunt for Businesses, Charities and Individuals

New Online Grant Search Platform Launches to Simplify the Funding Hunt for Businesses, Charities and Individuals

An innovative new platform has launched to improve access to funding for those in search of grant opportunities. Grantway is a user-friendly search portal designed to make it easy for charities, businesses, PhD students and volunteer organisations to find and obtain essential funding.

Grantway’s cutting-edge technology updates in real time, with an intelligent algorithm which hunts down every funding opportunuty, from a wide range of sources including international organisations, as they become available. Grantway compiles them all within easy reach in one central location.

Those in search of funding simply input their keywords and set search filters, such as geographical region or organisation type and then sit back as Grantway searches its index of thousands of funding opportunities. The results page shows all appropriate funding opportunities open for applications, with the user able to click through to access more information and apply for any grants of interest.

Grantway is the brainchild of Norweigen-based Induct, which created a successful national grant-finding portal in Norway. That portal has been used by hundreds of local authorities, charities and voluntary organisations over the last 15 years.

Alf Martin Johansen, CEO said, “Charities and voluntary organisations have faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years, with drops in donations and increases in demand for services. We believe that access to funding opportunities should be openly available to everyone and not hidden behind a payment wall. The positive response to Grantway is a clear indication that the search portal is needed in the market, and it provides the confirmation we needed to develop Grantway further. In the next version, which is already being developed, Grantway will become a global portal for funding opportunities and include additional features.”

The Grantway platform is free to access and allows users to take ownership of their funding search while quickly find the best opportunities that fit their needs.

More than 1,800 grant opportunities are currently indexed, with new opportunities added in real time.

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