New organic food shop delivers first order to footballing legend Matt Le Tissier

New organic food shop delivers first order to footballing legend Matt Le Tissier

New online food store Nutritional Organic has launched with the mission of bringing the nutritional nourishment of organic food to the public’s doorstep, and its first customer is the famous footballing legend Matt Le Tissier.

The new company is offering delivery of a vast collection of organic foods to its customer’s doors, enabling them to enjoy the proven nutritional benefits of organic eating with minimal time spent shopping.

Matt Le Tissier said: “I’d like to firstly thank Nutritional Organic for the food they sent us, and secondly for how much we enjoyed the ingredients that went into my wife’s cooking over the last week. I’m pretty sure my wife will be ordering on a regular basis in the future!

“You can never underestimate the importance of good nutrition regardless of how old you are or whatever your job is (shame they weren’t around 25 years ago!) but it’s especially important for the development of young children. It’s great to see Nutritional Organic making eating delicious organic food easier than ever.”

As well as offering a huge range of organic foods to order including meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts, as well as special hampers and boxes, customers can also order special bespoke packages depending on their health goals.

Visitors to Nutritional Organic’s website can simply fill out an online questionnaire outlining their health goals, whether it be for reasons such as better sport performance or just simple healthy eating.

Visitors can also specify which parts of their body they want their diet to nourish, and can pick from food which benefits everything from better heart and brain function to a diet plan which improves the immune system or boosts mental health.

Ex-England and Southampton legend Le Tissier added: “What’s really great about Nutritional Organic is that they offer custom diets and deals to suit every customer’s needs, ensuring that every person who orders from them gets optimum health benefits.”

What’s more, customers who place repeat orders with Nutritional Organic can build up loyalty ‘Nuttie Points’ which grant them money off their shopping bill, and healthy-eating enthusiasts who order weekly can get double points for even further savings.

Nutritional Organic was formed by the Bailey family after two of their close-knit team were side-lined with long-term illnesses. The cause of this was poor nutrition that came with living in a fast paced, corporate lifestyle and essentially eating whatever was most convenient.

After learning from their mistakes, the family endeavoured to make good nutrition available for everyone regardless of how much or little time they had on their hands, with the result being Nutritional Organic.

For more information about Nutritional Organic, please visit or call 01264 848 596.

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