New Platform Designed To Close The Student Employment Gap Launches

New Platform Designed To Close The Student Employment Gap Launches

A specialist new site designed to close the student employment gap has launched in Leeds with a mission to help those in higher education get real world work experience, make career connections and earn money while still at university.

The Work Vault is inspired by the burgeoning gig economy and wants to put this new style of employment to work for undergraduates – fuelled by the knowledge that almost half of UK graduates end up in non-graduate roles. The Work Vault is designed to help bridge that gap, giving students valuable on-the-job experience and helping graduates develop the skills that employers actually need to fill their roles.

The online platform connects students that want to work with employers who are looking for skilled gig economy workers. Lawrence Neale, founder of The Work Vault said, “The fact that around half of graduates are working in non-graduate jobs speaks volumes about the need for a culture shift – at the moment, one in two students have effectively paid thousands of pounds and accrued large debts for something they aren’t using because employers don’t just want a degree, they want experience too.

“Our goal is to help students be more employable after they graduate by opening up doors whilst they study. We want them to gain invaluable insights into how to run and be part of a business. The gig economy is the perfect foundation for our platform but, unlike traditional freelance sites, all students are verified to ensure the quality of their work before being allowed to sign up.

“We really are unique because while we’re passionate about closing the student employment gap, we’ve also found a way to give businesses access to freelancers with the most up-to-date skill set available.”

Businesses looking to bring in a temporary skilled employee can post their job and hire a suitable, verified student online quickly and easily. Once the project description has been published, students can submit a bid for the job. The business owner can then view profiles and review the feedback prospective hires have received from previous projects before picking the most suitable candidate for the job– all from the convenient Work Vault platform. Payment protection is also built in for both parties.

Students registered with The Work Vault boast a breadth of in-demand skills, ranging from graphic design to app development.

The platform is currently trialling its system in Leeds but plans to roll out nationally. Those registering for the site now can do so at no cost and help to shape the future of the platform.

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