New Platform Makes it Easy to Find Brands Committed to Sustainable Fashion

New Platform Makes it Easy to Find Brands Committed to Sustainable Fashion

An innovative new digital platform is setting out to make sustainable shopping quicker, easier, and more stress-free than ever before by bringing together clothing, shoes, and accessories from some of the country’s best ethical brands, all in one place. Baobab Avenue’s online listings highlight incredible, responsibly made products available by brands such as Komodo, Beaumont Organic, and Saint and Sofia to help everyone fight against fast fashion.

Baobab Avenue is committed to promoting only those products that are manufactured to the highest environmental and ethical standards. The team relies on an extensive vetting process and strict set of criteria, taking into consideration transparency in supply chains, manufacturing processes, and use of materials in order to enable everyone to shop with total confidence. Today, Baobab Avenue links to more than 2000 sustainable products all made from eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, tencel, and bamboo.

Lenny Balston, Baobab Avenue Co-Founder, said, “Embracing ethical fashion is one of the easiest changes we can all make to become more sustainable as individuals. It’s not something we do overnight, but a conscious decision we make every time we add a new item to our wardrobe. When we buy from ethical brands we cast a vote for the kind of world we want to be living in.”

The launch of the platform comes at a time when an increasing number of shoppers are concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion, yet are finding it challenging to shop ethically. Research by ecommerce personalisation platform Nosto suggests that while more than half of the UK population is interested in sustainable fashion, 45% believe that it is difficult to determine which brands are as environmentally-focused as they say they are.

Unfortunately, this problem appears to be most pronounced in the UK, with a recent KPMG survey on global perspectives in sustainable fashion finding that Londoners are much more likely to report that it is difficult to find sustainable clothing in the city than those in Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, or Tokyo.

Baobab Avenue is the solution. The platform is dedicated to introducing greater transparency and simplicity into what is currently a very complex industry. With the use of categories to quickly filter products by the ethics that are most important to each shopper – whether that’s vegan clothing, organic fabrics, or plastic-free packaging, for example – Baobab Avenue makes it easier than ever for shoppers to cut through the noise and shop responsibly.

The Baobab platform is available to use now, for absolutely free. By signing up for the company’s weekly newsletter, shoppers can also access regular promotional codes that can provide additional savings from ethical brands.

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