New Player in the Luxury Goods Market Joli Closet Connects Eager Designer Lovers with Global Sellers

New Player in the Luxury Goods Market Joli Closet Connects Eager Designer Lovers with Global Sellers

Fans of high fashion and luxury jewellery are being given an incredible opportunity to access beautiful pieces from all over the world thanks to the launch of Joli Closet. The reselling platform, which has a focus on indulgent items from some of the industry’s leading brands, among them Chanel, Hermes, and Dior, instantly connects buyers with sellers of authentic pre-owned luxury items.

The huge catalogue of stunning, eye catching pieces means there’s something that everyone will fall in love with on Joli Closet. High end clothing, exquisite jewellery, designer bags, and opulent watches are just some of the products featured on the pages of the exciting new platform. It’s a simple, fast, and secure way to purchase some of the most desirable items on the market, and means that Joli Closet is earning itself a glowing reputation among the fashion-conscious set who’re looking to get an excellent deal on their next purchase. With every item that’s listed being certified by a team of expert luxury authenticators, sellers have peace of mind when they make a purchase too.

Sandra Yamamura, founder of Joli Closet, said, “The high-end market is huge but there has been a lack of reselling options that are secure and accessible for both buyers and sellers. We’ve created a huge community of designer lovers, from Europe to Asia, and it’s led to incredible pieces being listed on Joli Closet. Whether consumers are looking for a much sought after, rare handbag or a finely detailed, statement necklace, Joli Closet is the ultimate place to head.”

With items for women, men, and children, Joli Closet has the goods for kitting the whole family out in style. Recognising the demand for certain brands, users can effortlessly browse the considerable collection for their favourite designers thanks to the intuitive search functions. There’s even a price drop section on Joli Closet for those seeking genuine, valuable pieces to add to their wardrobe without the usual price tag.

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