New Research Shows London Is Home to ‘Lazy Daters’ With Majority Unwilling To Travel To Find Love

New Research Shows London Is Home to ‘Lazy Daters’ With Majority Unwilling To Travel To Find Love

A new study carried out by award-winning dating agency, Mutual Attraction has found that the UK capital has become a city of lazy daters, with the majority of singles searching for love unwilling to travel for more than one hour to meet their perfect match.

The London-based agency, which is a dating agency for people who don’t use dating agencies, believes that placing greater focus on convenience rather than love is directly responsible for missed opportunities, as well as the negativity surrounding dating agencies.

The Mutual Attraction matchmakers asked Londoners how they were willing to travel to meet their perfect partner. Nearly all respondents said that it was important for a potential date to live nearby. Less than 15 percent were happy to travel for more than one hour, and more than half claimed that they would not be happy using any form of public transport other than the London Underground to meet a date. As for relocating to be closer to a partner? Almost no one would do it.

“The results of the survey really don’t surprise us” says Mutual Attraction Founder Caroline Brealey. “In our experience, people want dating to be easy and to simply be handed the perfect partner on a silver platter, but that’s not how dating really works.

“We believe that you get back what you put in, and when our clients really embrace it and throw themselves totally into the service, the outcomes are incredible. There are no rules that say that your perfect match has to live next door!”.

Brealey believes that the shift towards what she calls ‘lazy dating’ has been sparked by the ever growing number of mobile dating apps with integrated geometrics, resulting in location becoming one of the first aspects that singles take into consideration when looking for love.

Rather than searching for partners based on personality traits or interests, more and more people pin their hopes on geography. As an alternative, offline dating agency, Mutual Attraction aims to reinvent dating and take a more traditional approach, encouraging professional London singles to meet potential matches based on who they are, rather than where they live.

It appears that Brealey and the Mutual Attraction team could be on to something, with the agency experiencing significantly higher rates of success than other matchmaking services. More than 70 percent of its clients have found happy relationships with many instances recently of engagements, marriages and even babies.

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