New SEO Tool Helps Amazon Sellers Boost Product Visibility

New SEO Tool Helps Amazon Sellers Boost Product Visibility

The leading Amazon analysis software, Egrow has announced the addition of a new SEO tool for Marketplace sellers. The new Keyword Rank Tracker tool, which has been integrated into the popular Egrow software, extends the already vast range of sales and marketing solutions offered by the all-in-one, comprehensive service for listing optimization and product promotion.

The Keyword Rank Tracker tool is the latest Egrow solution to help Marketplace sellers to create, enhance, and maintain a strong Amazon SEO strategy. The tool is designed to closely monitor keyword rankings in the organic Amazon search results, highlighting the use of top keywords, and demonstrating weekly changes in user search trends to provide sellers with real-time actionable data.

The new tool aims to narrow the gap between what Amazon users are searching for, and what terms Marketplace sellers are using to promote their products. Through monitoring user behaviours and analysing changes in these behaviours, the tool allows sellers to quickly adapt and tailor their listings to ensure they are continuing to attract and engage target buyers across the sales platform.

Egrow CEO, Anton Lang said, “Everyone understands the importance of search engine optimization for improving Google ranking, but SEO is highly overlooked in non-Google search. The truth is that Amazon uses its own algorithms to match user searches with the most relevant products, so SEO is just as important when trying to identify and connect with the right buyers as it is when trying to boost visibility through Google.

“While we launched a number of keyword tools in the initial release of Egrow, we found that our users require more support and guidance to build and develop their own Amazon SEO strategy. That’s exactly what our new Keyword Rank Tracker tool aims to achieve, helping Marketplace sellers to ensure their products are well-ranked and listed for the most relevant of Amazon searches.”

The new Keyword Rank Tracker tool joins a wide range of other tools that the Egrow team have already incorporated into the plugin. This includes a comprehensive product database, saved searches, and reverse ASIN research, all of which help sellers to optimize their approach and ensure they’re pricing, marketing, and promoting their products in the best way to improve sales and boost visibility. In keeping with Egrow’s commitment to simplifying the selling process, the new tool uses easy-to-understand charts and visuals to present its keyword ranking information.

Egrow’s exciting new Keyword Rank Tracking tool for Amazon Marketplace sellers is available now, and is included as standard within all Egrow packages. Sellers can test the tool for free by signing up to the Egrow Basic Package, which is free of charge.

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