New startup is bringing the power of technology to homecare for the elderly

New startup is bringing the power of technology to homecare for the elderly

A local startup has developed an easy to use, advanced monitoring system for the elderly and will be launching soon in the Singapore market. It guarantees relatives peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and well when they’re not around.

Maizal Care is an all-in-one digital solution which will provide remote-monitoring of vital signs, real-time alert systems and electronic health records of elderly people, meaning that older family members are never left alone.

George Lee, Maizal Pte Ltd’s Chief Visionary, said: “Family members with elderly loved ones know first-hand the nagging worry that comes with leaving them on their own between visits.

“Maizal Care remedies the anxiety many people feel at the back of their mind when they aren’t around to care for their relatives. By providing real-time monitoring of their family member’s health directly from our app on their phone, relatives will be alerted immediately if their loved ones are in distress and require help.”

In addition to providing constant access to vital signs and emergency alerts, Maizal Care’s intuitive technology will also notify relatives when there have been no updates for the day so that they can sleep with peace of mind that their family member is in good health.

Maizal Care also provides users with an easy-to-understand summary of their relative’s health data so they can understand how they’re getting on over time. What’s more, family members using Maizal Care can see a detailed view of historical health data. This allows them to track changes and identify trends in their loved one’s health status over time.

All of Maizal Care’s health data is securely stored in the cloud, with all communications between server and user devices being transmitted over an encrypted link. A further 256-bit encryption protects the personal information of the user. For even further peace of mind, Maizal Care also comes with a custom layer of security that protects the personal health data of the elderly person.

Dr Tan Wei Kiong, Maizal’s Solutions Supremo added: “We know that looking after elderly loved ones can be an extremely stressful responsibility, which is why we’re making the most of state-of-the-art digital technology to usher in a new age of improved care for the elderly.”

When purchasing Maizal Care, customers will benefit from the services of a specialist caregiver who are trained in the usage of Maizal Care and will tend to their elderly family member. This creates a two-pronged approach of increased human companionship and constant technological monitoring for the ultimate caregiving solution.

Recent statistics show that the elderly population in Singapore is steadily rising, meaning that traditional healthcare services for older people are becoming more strained. In 2012, 1,484 people were injured around the house, which accounts for over a third of the moderately to severely injured hospital patients for that year.

Maizal Care will be entering the Singapore market towards the end of the year, meaning that relatives will be able to give their loved ones the gift of constant care this Christmas.

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