New Survey Finds Nearly Half of Wedding Guests Would Re-gift Unwanted Items to Save Money

New Survey Finds Nearly Half of Wedding Guests Would Re-gift Unwanted Items to Save Money

A new survey has revealed that almost half of wedding guests would re-gift one of their own unwanted pressies to the happy couple to save money.

The research, carried out by personalised gift retailer, GiftPup also discovered that shoppers were much more likely to up their budget and splash out on an expensive wedding gift for their own family members than they would for their partner’s.

Those with friends getting married were even more thrifty, with 9% admitting they’d spend less than £20 on a wedding gift. Just 14% of those surveyed said they would budget £50-£100 after receiving their invitation.

While 77% of shoppers say they are happy to buy a wedding gift to celebrate the happy occasion, 19% say they purchase a present because they feel obligated to do so.

Emily Ford, GiftPup product manager says, “A wedding is obviously a happy occasion but there’s no doubt that it can also be an expensive one, not just for the newlyweds but for close friends and family too. We were very surprised to discover that 43% of shoppers would re-gift an unwanted item to avoid spending money on a wedding gift. While 40% say they would never consider it, 17% of those we surveyed were unsure, suggesting that it could happen.

“The research results are fascinating and reveal a lot about attitudes to gift giving. There’s a marked difference in how much we’re prepared to spend on our own family members compared to a partner’s family for example, with the budget for the other person’s friends and family clearly lower.”

Despite the reluctance to splash out, the GiftPup survey did found that a lot of thought still goes into the gift hunt, with 35% of shoppers saying the typically spend days hunting for the perfect wedding present. That said, 5% admit to spending less than 15 minutes picking out a wedding gift for a friend or family member, with 10% saying they won’t spend more than half an hour on the task.

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