A new British slow fashion label, which specialises in small runs and limited edition tweed apparel and accessories has launched, manufacturing exclusively in the United Kingdom with a strong sustainable, ethical remit. The modern antidote to fast fashion, Cock & Bull Tweed Collection uses artisan produced, handwoven tweeds from the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland’s remote Outer Hebrides. Taking a traditional, heritage textile, they have created a collection of colourful, modern and stylish tweed waistcoats, caps and bow ties.

While playing with familiar, traditional themes, the collection has a chic, contemporary silhouette. This impression is furthered by the rich and bold palette of the tweeds themselves. Along with a nod to the classic styled herringbones and windowpane checks in earthy tones, bold colours are represented in striking purple, magenta, rust and fiery reds.

The tweeds are made from Shetland wool, which is a softer and lighter weight tweed than found in – for example – Harris Tweeds. Combining these elements with centuries of heritage results in a wearable, modern, forward-looking collection for the modern, forward-thinking man.

The brand’s sustainable, ethical focus is also evident in the linings and backs, with organic textiles (hemp and silk blends) adding a touch of luxury in sophisticated Chocolate Brown or Royal Purple.

The debut range consists of a six button waistcoat in a minimalist collarless-design with four welt pockets and slightly longer length for a modern aesthetic; two styles of tweed cap – a newsboy styled 8 panel ‘Rambler’ cap and a military styled ‘Cadet’ cap; and a neat and elegant ready-tied bow tie. Everything has been made in the UK to exacting standards with a carbon neutral footprint.

Cock & Bull Tweed Collection founder and designer Phil Scott says, “The pieces in our collection are designed to be high quality, timeless investment pieces, worn and enjoyed for years before then hopefully being passed down to the next generation. We’re passionate about the provenance of our garments and the raw materials we use. Our mission includes supporting local communities, creating in a sustainable way and keeping our supply chain close. It’s the antithesis of fast fashion and with small runs of about 50 waistcoats or caps or 25 bow ties, each piece retains a bespoke feel for a really individual sense of style.”

Cock & Bull Tweed Collection also has an exclusive Limited Editions range. This range is created when a very small amount (a metre or two) of an older, discontinued tweed is found. The scarcity of the material lends a very unique appeal, used to create a one-off waistcoat or a couple of bow ties. These items are entirely distinctive and inimitable, and will never be seen again. Between one and five Limited Edition items are produced each month.

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