New techniques introduced by skin clinic set to transform a range of cosmetic treatments

New techniques introduced by skin clinic set to transform a range of cosmetic treatments

Tired eyes and stubborn cellulite are soon to be blasted into oblivion as a skincare clinic introduces a new technique and protocol for a tried and tested treatment.

Timeless Skincare, a specialist laser hair removal and skincare clinic, will now be offering its clients a new and improved method for mesotherapy, a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that involves a number of injections and helps target problems such as cellulite and dark circles.

Timeless Skincare Senior Aesthetic Practitioner said: “Mesotherapy is a great option for anyone who wants to target their problem areas without going under the knife. The treatment is non-invasive and offers a great solution to some of the most common problem areas that people suffer from and can help with skin rejuvenation and hair loss.”

“Through the use of different techniques and by broadening the scope of this treatment, we have discovered just how well it works for under eye rejuvenation. During the course of the trial that we undertook we saw some excellent results and are encouraging anyone who is battling with dark circles or other problems with their under eye area to get in touch and see how this treatment can help.”

Mesotherapy works by injecting a number of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications including plant extracts and vitamins. It was first introduced in the 1950’s and was used for a number of different purposes including the reduction of sports injuries and to improve blood circulation. Since then its usage has increased and is now employed by practitioners for a number of cosmetic treatments including cellulite improvement and hair regrowth.

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