New technology is supporting the 300,000 people on the Adult Social Care waiting list in the UK.

New technology is supporting the 300,000 people on the Adult Social Care waiting list in the UK.

In England, almost 300,000 adults have found themselves on adult social care ‘waiting lists’ due to funding pressures in the sector and delays in social worker assessments. In response to these statistics, one new company is lending a helping hand by offering support to those who would otherwise be facing a six-month wait for much-needed care.

The new technology, known as Connected Care, can help people stay independent for longer while remaining in their own homes. Not only that, it provides some much-needed peace of mind to their family. Connected Care kits include discreet activity sensors that can be placed around the home and are controlled by a central 4G hub which provides an unobtrusive way to check the person is going about their daily activities as expected.

Relatives be assured that their loved one’s daily routine through a simple online portal, which provides real-time text messages and push notifications that are tailored to their needs. Alongside this it will helps identify any changes in activity that could be a cause for concern. The portal also displays important information to help understand someone’s level of independence ahead of a care needs assessment.

The UK-based company providing this service is CareSmart. They have over 20 years of experience in the social care sector and throughout the month of October, CareSmart will pledge £6,000 of Connected Care technology.

To receive one of the CareSmart Connected Care Kits, eligible adults can nominate themselves online via the CareSmart website. Alternatively, they can be nominated by a family member, loved one, neighbour or support worker.

Head of Marketing at CareSmart, Paul Johnson said, “We were saddened to hear about the thousands facing long waits to get vital social care. We’re trying to help some of these people by providing our Connected Care Kits for free to those who may need it. Our kits allow vulnerable adults to stay independent in the comfort of their own home for longer, whilst knowing they’re being looked out for by the people who love them most. We really hope that these kits make a difference to the lives of vulnerable adults and the elderly.”

Successful nominations will be announced in early November and will receive full complimentary Connected Care kit, access to the CareSmart portal, mobile app, alerts, and support for 12 months. Internet or Wi-Fi is not required as the hub is 4G-enabled.

Nominations open from Wednesday 6th October. Details of how to nominate someone can be found on the CareSmart. Visit: