New Thermal Fogging Solution Removes 100% of Coronavirus

New Thermal Fogging Solution Removes 100% of Coronavirus

An innovative new thermal fogging disinfectant that provides 100% coverage and is 99.99% effective against coronavirus has launched to help cleaning teams and facilities managers safely and effectively remove any presence of SARS-CoV2 in any space.

COV-RID is a liquid High Level Disinfectant solution designed to be deployed in a mist/fog format by a thermal fogging machine. The dry fog quickly and effortlessly spreads throughout any enclosed area, disinfecting everything it comes into contact with including walls, ceiling, curtains, flooring and carpeting.

COV-RID High Level Disinfectant is deployed via a new thermal fogging solution which directly addresses one of the biggest downsides of traditional atomising foggers; the need for specialist teams in full PPE. COV-RID High Level Disinfectant produces a warm fog, with no residue, no dampness, and no need to wipe. It can be safely used in most spaces by existing cleaning teams, giving them a new weapon in their battle against the disease.

David Knights, Commercial Director of Knights Security Group, the organisation behind the development of the new system said, “The COV-RID HLD Formulation can be used with virtually any standard special effects fogging machine, making it a very quick and cost effective way to keep any area safe and hygienic. It can be used in practically any environment, even in areas with electrical equipment.”

The new High Level Disinfectant is scientifically tested and proven to protect against viruses including hepatitis, influenza, rubella, measles, and Ebola. However, unlike many other cleaning solutions, COV-RID has also been tested under the BS EN 14476 standard – the virucidal quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in human medicine. It has been found to protect against enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus with 99.99% effectiveness.

Knights added, “We have carried out extensive tests in a range of premises and vehicles. We are very reassured by the consistently high levels of bacteria reduction that we have achieved, and we are confident that COV-RID can significantly help to minimise viral spread at this difficult time. In a world that’s essentially been shut down by COVID-19, it’s clear that the traditional methods of cleaning aren’t up to the task, with an urgent need for new, innovative alternatives.”

Both efficiency and safety are paramount to COV-RID. The solution is free from flammable solvents, halides, and phenols, and has been approved as a biodegradable substance under both European and American requirements. Along with the High Level Disinfectant for foggers, COV-RID is also available as hand sanitiser, and multipurpose surface cleaner.

To find out more about COV-RID products, visit WWW.COV-RID.CO.UK