A New UK Alternative for Diagnosing Ailments Launches

A New UK Alternative for Diagnosing Ailments Launches

A new service is now available online, offering quick, comprehensive advice for a range of ailments. Safe Symptoms is an online resource for those seeking immediate information and help for their health concerns, without the waiting times of a local NHS surgery.

The UK-based site offers in-depth information and access to real-time medical professionals. Covering everything from swollen ankles to itchy palms, Safe Symptoms is a safe, expertly informed health platform for those who cannot see their doctor. With surgery times rising and GP numbers dropping, Safe Symptoms will be an invaluable resource for those too busy – or too embarrassed – to see their doctor. With GP waiting times currently at an average of two weeks, many people are stuck with painful and concerning ailments that they simply cannot receive advice or treatment for.

Safe Symptoms features an “Ask a Doctor” option, where those concerned can seek immediate, expert medical advice. For many, the service will provide peace of mind when dealing with common ailments, without the stress of trying to book an appointment at their local surgery.

The site offers advice on what conditions most likely are and also suggests remedies for common problems like sinus infections, neck pain and itchy ears.

Speaking about the new platform, Safe Symptoms marketing manager Nick Arthur was enthusiastic, “Everyone has had an ailment that they were too embarrassed or seems too minor to go through the process of trying to see a GP.

“At the same time, these health issues can have a very real impact on day-to-day life. Living with a tight jaw or distended stomach have physical repercussions yes, but there’s also a mental aspect to consider. Living with discomfort long-term can alter mood, it can affect sleep and worry over health issues are a huge cause of anxiety. With many people having to wait two or three weeks to see their GP, we wanted to offer a service that is safe, professional and can take some of the fear out of common symptoms and ailments.”

Safe Symptoms is eager to point out that their service is not designed to replace medical professionals or the diagnostic tools they use. Rather, the purpose of the service is to offer comprehensive background information and suggested courses of action.

To find out more, visit https://safesymptoms.com