New and Unique HR Service Provides Businesses with the Right Candidates for Business Success

New and Unique HR Service Provides Businesses with the Right Candidates for Business Success

Recognising the importance of first impressions, new recruitment agency Secretary Affairs is offering entrepreneurs and business owners a way to hire qualified and glamorous assistants to act as a contact point for their business. The HR firm is the perfect place to head when companies from a range of sectors have secretary roles to fill that require high skill levels and a professional, representative appearance.

The idea behind Secretary Affairs was conceived when the entrepreneur that launched the company acknowledged how his experienced and attractive personal assistant played a key role in the success of his business. Setting out to emulate this, the concept of Secretary Affairs was crafted. Selecting only high calibre candidates that also possess an image that reflects the company, the platform strives to connect businesses with the candidates they need to drive success. The combination of traditional recruitment agency and a consideration of appearance, is set to make Secretary Affairs the destination to head to for hiring companies.

Isabella Garcia, HR Manager of Secretary Affairs, said, “My own personal experiences and research indicates that attractiveness and success are linked. For roles that are often client facing, such as personal assistants and secretaries, it can have an impact on how the company is viewed and, in turn, its success. Of course, looks are no substitute for experience and qualifications. That’s why Secretary Affairs takes both aspects into consideration, placing only exceptional candidates in front of companies looking for new talent.”

The process Secretary Affairs uses makes finding the best candidates effortless, with the platform handling many of the time-consuming steps to provide a cost-effective solution. Interested businesses simply need to fill out their contact details and skills the candidates must have, such as languages required or experience within the firm’s industry. Once the form has been submitted, Secretary Affairs will search their extensive database to send companies simple profiles of candidates completely free of charge. Details can then be obtained to arrange interviews with the best candidates and commission is only paid once a job offer has been made.

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