New Wimbledon and Queens Park Farmers Markets stalls offer exotic samples with a twist

New Wimbledon and Queens Park Farmers Markets stalls offer exotic samples with a twist

Keen home cooks, chefs, and food buyers are being urged to head to the Wimbledon and Queens Park Farmers Markets to meet with the team behind groLOCAL, creators of urban and hydroponic farm equipment. With a huge variety of home grown exotic micro-greens, spices, and herbs on offer, food lovers will have the chance to sample a range of delights at the market and pick up some seasoning to give their kitchen creations some added flavour.

groLOCAL are experts in hydroponic farming, where produce is grown without the need for soil. At a time when foodies are becoming more interested in where their ingredients come from, the presence of the team gives customers the perfect opportunity to find out. At the farmers’ market stalls, there won’t only be samples on hand but an opportunity to meet the producers and ask questions about the food and growing method. When compared to store brought produce, the groLOCAL offering boasts up to 600% more nutrients.

David Charitos, Managing Partner of groLOCAL, said, “The trend for healthy eating that considers the environment is on the rise – people are increasingly looking for more information about how their produce is grown and Farmers Markets are the ideal place to head. We’re looking forward to meeting food lovers and chatting about our food options, we’ll have lots on offer to sample and take home to add to an evening meal knowing that it’s still fresh and grown locally.”

As well as showcasing their produce at Farmers Market, groLOCAL offer hydroponic equipment to homeowners and businesses alike. Their urban farming solution offers a convenient way to grow a range of fruit, vegetables, micro-greens, and herbs without needing to use up vast amounts of space. The groLOCAL brand is backed by its ethos of sustainability and being responsible and among its operations also work with charities to provide effective ways of growing food in challenging landscapes.

groLOCAL will be at the Wimbledon Farmers Market every week starting from Saturday 11th February and the Oueens Park Farmers Market weekly from Sunday 12th February. Visitors are being encouraged to not only sample and buy from the stall but to chat with the groLOCAL team and learn more about hydroponics.

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groLOCAL are experts in urban farming and equipment manufacturing in hydroponics. The environmental and socially responsible brand offers hydroponic solutions for homeowners, micro-franchises, and large scale food providers. The firm’s products allow customers to grow their own produce even when they don’t have the outdoor space typically associated with growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants.