New York Master Watchmakers Bring Vintage Heirlooms and Unwanted Watches Back to Life

New York Master Watchmakers Bring Vintage Heirlooms and Unwanted Watches Back to Life

A family run business in New York is breathing new life back into residents’ time pieces thanks to their stunning craftmanship, expert skills, and vast knowledge. Manhattan Time Service, which has been operating in the city since 1978, embraces its traditional family values to repair and restore a variety of watches back to their former glory, whether they’re family heirlooms or modern additions.

The renowned business offers a huge range of services and has experience with numerous watches, keeping New Yorkers looking fashionable. While electronics have taken over many things, the watch remains a staple fashion accessory for many of Manhattan’s locals and now, with the growing business of Manhattan Time Service, they can keep their stunning pieces in top condition.

Thomas Lodowski, Watchmaker at Manhattan Time Service, said, “We focus on returning old unwanted watches back to life and putting them back on the market to uphold the watchmaking tradition. But we also help New Yorkers keep their watches looking pristine with our extensive range of services, all executed by an expert in the field. Watches might not be the essential time telling pieces that they once were but they do give outfits an added charm and finish off whole looks, particularly for professionals.”

As members of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors and certified to restore pre-owned Swiss brands, Manhattan Time Service is well placed to meet all watch needs. From basic quartz and automatic watches to chronograph and tourbillion watches, the traditional firm has all the skills they need in house to complete repairs and restorations. Among the brand’s extensive range of services are hands restoration, crown replacement, bracelet sizing and adjustment, and watch movement overhaul. The combination of skills at Manhattan Time Service means it’s the ideal place to head in New York whether customers need their own watch working on or they’re seeking a new piece to add to their collection.

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