Nootropics Experts Celebrate Successful Rebrand With New Product Range

Nootropics Experts Celebrate Successful Rebrand With New Product Range

The creators of the world’s first nootropic-infused coffee have announced the launch of two new all-natural products to celebrate the completion of a highly successful rebranding campaign. ONNOR, formerly known as Drink Limitless Life, has extended its renowned coffee line to include a ground version of its Genius Coffee and has introduced a brand new Game ONN product range to help support positive wellbeing and good health in its users.

ONNOR provides natural nootropic products to improve both physical and mental health, as well as overall wellbeing and happiness. Using natural ingredients that are scientifically-proven to impact the brain and body, ONNOR is dedicated to helping its customers boost their memory and cognition and enhance their mental clarity while simultaneously fighting stress and fatigue and minimising the risk of illness through protective ingredients.

“This is a hugely exciting time for everyone involved in ONNOR, and to see the original idea for Genius Coffee grow from my kitchen to the kitchens of people across Europe, the USA, and Australia is further inspiration for us to continue developing and expanding our product range,” says ONNOR CEO and Founder, Gareth Jones. “Through our recent rebranding exercise, we hope to reach even more people across the world, and help to improve access to natural products that optimise health and hold the potential to improve lives.”

Ground Genius Coffee, one of ONNOR’s newest introductions to the nootropics market, is designed to support concentration, focus and all round brain health. Featuring natural ingredients such as tyrosine, Lion’s Mane, acetyl-L-carnitine, Alpha-GPC and Vitamin B6, the coffee helps to optimise the neurotransmitters responsible for focus and remove harmful plaques and toxins from the brain which can hinder learning and understanding.

Jones adds, “Genius Coffee offers a convenient and habitual way to boost memory, cognition and brain health. Without doubt, the most pleasing achievement in the last 12 months is receiving so much positive feedback from customers who bought the Genius Coffee for family members who are suffering from Dementia, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.”

Genius Coffee is also available in an instant version and a Japanese-inspired powdered Matcha Tea version.

Game ONN, ONNOR’s second new product, blends nine natural ingredients into a single nootropic capsule to help fight fatigue and stress while supporting mental and physical recovery. The carefully selected ingredients include huperzine-A, gingko biloba, caffeine and rhodiola rosea; a flower said to be consumed prior to Viking battles in an effort to boost stamina and strength.

GAME ONN nootropic capsules are the strongest and most advanced natural nootropic on the market, suitable for gamers and serious gym goers alike. The brand’s products have already received rave reviews from world and British champion boxers, UFC fighters, leading mind coaches, top strength and conditioning coaches and actors. Professional Boxer and WBA Lightweight Champion, Anthony Crolla and international mind coach, Vinny Shoreman both act as ambassadors for the brand.

Genius Coffee and Game ONN are available now from the ONNOR website.

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