Nostalgia Influencer Launches New Collaborations with Growing Brands

Nostalgia Influencer Launches New Collaborations with Growing Brands

How many times have you listened to your favourite song? Hundreds? Thousands? It doesn’t matter. Nostalgia influencer Nathan Brown makes it feel like the first time, every time, with his popular and often hilarious reaction videos that help fans relive the spine-tingling experience all over again.

In just 7 months, Nathan has racked up a huge following through his social media channels. Now, he wants to use his unique, beloved personality to help others thrive in a tough landscape and reach out to valuable audiences.

London-based Nathan, who works as a film and television actor, has gained more than 1.4 million TikTok followers, 50,000 YouTube fans, and 30,000 Instagram followers since he first started filming his reactions in December last year. Today, more than one million people, from across four continents, visit Nathan’s profiles each month, leaving 20million+ views, 65,000 comments, and sharing over 137,000 times with friends, family, and followers.

Now, Nathan wants to leverage the power of nostalgia and his iconic influence to help others elevate their brand with influencer marketing.

Nathan says, “I grew up with Grime and hip hop, always thinking that I disliked rock simply because I’d never really listened to it. It was only when a friend told me to listen to Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall that I really heard it. It changed my life, and I honestly have no idea why it took me so long to find it! I remember that first listen like it was yesterday, and how it made me feel. And that’s what I want for everyone else. I want them to have that hair-standing-up-on-the-arms experience of hearing their favourite songs for the first time, even if they’ve heard it thousands of times before”.

While Nathan’s rise to digital stardom has been quick, it’s not unexpected. People respond and react deeply to nostalgia, and so it’s not surprising that the GRM award nominee has become a much-loved personality, both in the UK and abroad. Watching Nathan’s facial expression change from bewilderment to curiosity to carefree happiness and overwhelming enjoyment sparks a burst of heart warming emotion that’s difficult to ignore.

Having previously worked with London-based casualwear brand Marbek Clothing to raise awareness of their growing brand via social media, Nathan is now offering fully exclusive sponsorship and collaboration opportunities to help other brands achieve the same. Through the collaboration, Nathan will be powered by a brand’s graphics and banners, with product placements and video mentions everywhere, across all channels, exclusively for 1 month. Collaborations are intended to help brands boost visibility of their products, increase brand awareness, improve reputation, and shorten the sales cycle.

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