Nottingham Forest Installs Premier League Compliant LED Stadium Lighting at City Ground

Nottingham Forest Installs Premier League Compliant LED Stadium Lighting at City Ground

Powerplus Group is delighted to have collaborated with Musco Lighting to bring LED lighting to Nottingham Forest’s City Ground.

The LED installation couldn’t have been timelier for Nottingham Forest, who have finally returned to the Premier League for the 2022/23 season after a 23-year wait. The Reds regained their status via the 2021/22 Championship playoffs, where they beat Huddersfield Town in a Wembley final. Following their promotion, they club contracted Powerplus Group in collaboration with Musco Lighting to upgrade the lighting at the City Ground. This work has been completed in time for the second half of the season.

Lewis Quayle at Powerplus Group said: When the opportunity came up to join forces with our friends at Musco to complete a full LED lighting installation, we were incredibly excited. Nottingham Forest Football Club had been considering LED floodlights at City Ground for a few years, and the Reds’ promotion to the Premier League was their green light for LED.”

Premier League lighting requirements are twice those of the EFL Championship in terms of horizontal illuminance, and they also introduce a requirement for vertical illuminance to ensure the best broadcast quality for high-definition television. Following the LED upgrade, the results at City Ground were measured as fully compliant to the Premier League’s lighting specification.

To achieve this, Powerplus Group installed Musco’s TLC for LED® system, removing the existing metal halide floodlights that had been in place for many years. Additionally, all supply cabling was replaced and upgraded for the new floodlight system, as were new three phase distribution boards. The installation also provided the club the opportunity to add lighting controls designed to enhance light shows for optimum spectator engagement.

“Nottingham Forest have achieved something tremendous in their promotion to the Premier League, and there is no better way to celebrate than with a stadium upgrade that will enhance the game night experience for their supporters,” said Musco Sales Manager Derek Field. “Musco was pleased to partner with Powerplus Group to bring this project to life.”

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