NovaCare | recruit comments on £150 million grant for social care

NovaCare | recruit comments on £150 million grant for social care

An IT company specializing in cloud based recruitment solutions for the care industry is keen to draw attention to the fact that cash injections from the government will not help to alleviate the wider pressures that the sector continues to face.

Novacare | recruit helps businesses to streamline their recruitment process and track participants in real time with a number of intuitive solutions.

The company feels that the recent cash injection, which was announced by Sajid Javid, the communities secretary, in a written ministerial statement outlining the local government finance settlement for 2018-19, will not combat the inordinate strain both care providers and hospitals are facing on a daily basis.

Stephen Wilson, Director of novacare | recruit said: “While this cash injection will help on a temporary, short-term basis, it’s important to recognize that this is not a permanent solution that will mend the significant annual social care funding gap of £2.3bn by 2020.

“The recent bad weather has put added pressure on care companies who have had to carry out extra visits, making sure people are safe in their homes as the temperature has dropped significantly.

“Luckily, our online tool can help care businesses ensure that one area of their company is running efficiently with our without a government cash injection, and that is HR. Recruiting high-quality members of staff is of the utmost importance for both care providers and hospitals, particularly given the fact that those working there are likely to be faced with long hours and a stressful working environment thanks to added pressures.

“Conservative peer Gary Porter has hit the nail on the head by remarking that the funding will ‘tackle some of the immediate social care pressures’, highlighting the fact that this funding will not correct the significant problems occurring in the care sector as a result of a lack of staff and an increase in individuals with complex care needs.”

While local councils will be relying on this grant to sustain their services, more needs to be done, particularly given the fact that many have warned that they are facing a worrying financial crisis brought on by a combination of a reduction in support from central government and an increase in their statutory obligations, the most significant one being to provide social care to an increasingly aging population.

The funding injection means that the government has given council £9.4billion in funding to adult social care services over the next three years, but local authorities have warned that a “sustainable settlement for the future” is needed in order to bridge the gap that has developed in the care industry.

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