Novacare Welcomes Health Secretary’s Commitment to Technology Transformation But Urges Further Investment

Novacare Welcomes Health Secretary’s Commitment to Technology Transformation But Urges Further Investment

Technology innovator in the care industry Novacare has welcomed the announcement that the new Healthy Secretary Matt Hancock is backing a technology revolution in the NHS. However, the firm is warning that the government will need to add further investment to reap the full benefits but that in doing so it will save more money in the long run.

The outlined plans will aim to make the NHS ‘the most advanced health system in the world’ thanks to a £487 million funding package that will focus on bringing transformative tech into the healthcare system. At the heart of the plans is a vow to drive a culture change that will see NHS staff embrace technology as a core part of their work, helping to improve employee workload and patient care simultaneously.

Stephen Wilson, Director of Novacare, said, “There’s no denying that embedding the right technology in the NHS will have a massively positive impact. I know from personal experience as a former NHS nurse that the pressure from workload can be immense, but modern technology can help alleviate some of that. Technology today can efficiently and safely handle routine tasks, freeing up the time of healthcare professionals and allowing them to focus on the wellbeing of patients.

“The announcement from Matt Hancock is certainly to be welcomed as a step in the right direction – at the moment the NHS is lagging behind when it comes to technology adoption. However, further investment will mean the pace of change can happen much quicker and will allow for returns that are more significant in the future. Boosting investment now will mean we reap the rewards in terms of finance and a healthcare system that leads the way in the long-term.”

Of the money pledged by the government, the majority will be made available to trusts across the UK to bring in technology that can improve care and make at-home health services more accessible to patients. Some £75 million has been earmarked for helping the NHS become paperless, using an electronic system instead that will make information more obtainable and aims to reduce mistakes.

Novacare works exclusively within the care sector, helping care providers embrace revolutionary technology that can change the way they operate. The business’ first software launch tackled the challenges associated with recruiting new staff in a care setting, while projects in the pipeline will effectively utilise wearable technology, artificial intelligence, and big data. With the aim of bringing out tools that work seamlessly together in a busy care environment, Novacare plans to help each of its customers reach peak performance.

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