Novenary Launches "Well Talk": A Wellbeing Campaign Focusing on Connection and Communication for Mental Wellness

Novenary Launches “Well Talk”: A Wellbeing Campaign Focusing on Connection and Communication for Mental Wellness

In today’s challenging economic landscape, characterised by the pressures of the cost of living and the demands of balancing work and home life, Novenary has announced the launch of “Well Talk.” This initiative is aimed at enhancing wellbeing through effective communication and mental health support, which are more crucial than ever.

“Well Talk” addresses the growing need for professional support across various sectors to manage stress and maintain mental health. The initiative is built on the principle that authentic human connections and open communication are foundational to mental wellness.

Novenary seeks collaboration with companies committed to prioritising employee wellbeing. Participants will receive complimentary Novenary products in exchange for engaging with three thought-provoking questions designed to encourage personal reflection and open discussion about mental wellbeing.

The mission of “Well Talk” is to enhance mental wellbeing through connection and communication. The initiative serves as a reminder of the collective strength found in shared experiences and the importance of not facing mental health challenges alone.

The campaign invites individuals to engage in introspection and connection by answering core questions about their coping mechanisms, the barriers they face in seeking help, and the actions that bring them comfort. Participants’ responses, whether written, audio/video, or through creative expressions like art and poetry, will contribute to a collective narrative promoting solidarity and mutual support.

Novenary is looking to partner with organisations and media outlets that align with the vision of promoting open discussions on mental health and strengthening support systems through the beauty of human connection. Recent collaborations include Accenture and BetterSpace, highlighting the campaign’s reach and impact.

With the rise of mental health challenges, “Well Talk” provides a timely solution that emphasizes healing, understanding, and collective wellbeing. It showcases the transformative power of dialogue and the significance of finding common ground.

Journalists, media outlets, and organisations focusing on health, wellness, and women’s interests are invited to collaborate with Novenary to amplify “Well Talk.” This partnership aims to enhance mental health awareness and support through the power of communication.

For more information about the “Well Talk” campaign, participation details, or to schedule an interview with a Novenary spokesperson, please contact Polina at

Novenary looks forward to fostering a more connected and mentally resilient community through “Well Talk.”