Nutritious Partnership Offers a Convenient Way to Boost Healthy Office Breakfast

Nutritious Partnership Offers a Convenient Way to Boost Healthy Office Breakfast

mix&muesli and Fruitful Day partner up to bring nutritious breakfast options directly into the workplace

As the Dubai Government gets behind the healthy office movement, an exciting new partnership is making it simple for corporates to get involved. mix&muesli and Fruitful Day have joined forces to bring tasty, nutritious breakfast options directly into the workplace environment. The initiative aims to provide an opportunity to affordably support employee wellbeing and productivity for forward thinking organisations.

With the ambition of becoming the most active city in the work, the Dubai government has launched its fun fitness challenge1. Businesses across the region can get on board and encourage their staff by registering their support online. Aiming to further enhance the health kick, the innovative offering from mix&muesli and Fruitful Day ensures that employees are starting their day right. For corporates, it’s the simple way to advocate workforce health and add an extra perk that staff will appreciate. Bringing an extensive range of breakfast and snack options, from flavourful muesli mixes to appetizing yoghurts, the partnership is the ideal option for both ongoing initiatives and one-off occasions. The snack offering and accessible muesli corporate jars delivered at an affordable price means that staff can grab a delicious boost throughout the day too.

Bassel Kabbabe, Co-founder and Managing Director of mix&muesli, said, “It’s a well-known fact that employees operate better and achieve more when they’ve had a balanced breakfast. In fact, studies show that breakfast eaters are 79% more efficient that those that skip the first meal of the day and continue to be more attentive throughout working hours. In today’s time poor society, having healthy breakfast options to hand at work is something that employees will really appreciate and employers benefit from a focussed workforce that’s boosted its wellbeing. The Dubai Fitness Challenge kicks off on 20th October 2017 and this is a convenient way for employers to take action.”

Marie-Christine Luijckx, Co-founder and Managing Director of Fruitful Day, added, “We’ve been delivering fresh fruit into offices around the UAE since launching in 2015 and our partnership with mix&muesli is a natural progression for us. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers even

more choice and encourage corporates to consider the advantages of making employee health and wellbeing a core part of their offering. It’s a cost-effective way to boost staff satisfaction, cut absences, and improve work output consistently.”

Fruitful Day and mix&muesli offers a flexible, customisable service to its customers. Allowing each business to pick and choose the aspects that will fit into their goals, it’s a delivery service that guarantees to meet expectations. From snack boxes containing a single portion of yoghurt, fresh fruit, or nuts and dried fruits to extensive buffets that cater to every taste, the partnership has something to meet all demands. The two brands can even organise a wellness day, providing a professional nutritionist to speak directly to employees on a range of topics.

The latest venture from mix&muesli and Fruitful Day is currently only available in Dubai but the brands have ambitious plans to roll out the successful project across the UAE. Bookings must be directly through or 72 hours in advance and are entirely customisable to match the needs of each business.

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