NY-Based Singer Songwriter Launches New Single in Isolation Amid Global Pandemic

NY-Based Singer Songwriter Launches New Single in Isolation Amid Global Pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruption across the globe, one ambitious musician is refusing to let COVID-19 stand in the way of sharing his message around the world. Trinidad & Tobago born, New York-based investor, Daniel Yearwood,  also known as singer songwriter Yearwood, is determined to show how the power of love can connect people and bring them together, even in times of crisis and isolation.

Yearwood’s new single, ‘Nutten Wit We’, shares the love story that has developed between Yearwood and his fiancée, Aprilene, and even features real life footage from his romantic surprise proposal in the heart of NYC. The entire song and video itself was a birthday surprise for his fiancée who had no idea that he had been working on it for several months. While not originally intended to be a socially distant single, Yearwood demonstrated his ability to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances (including contracting COVID-19 himself), altering his recording plans in light of the unprecedented global situation.

While Yearwood has taken an atypical route to becoming a recording artist, coming from a strong investment background, he has also taken an atypical route to launching his latest single. Originally planned to be shot in Los Angeles, shelter in place orders sparked a change in plans. The end result was shot while adhering to social distancing guidelines, featuring footage from a diverse array of real life couples highlighting how their love and commitment to each other never wanes, even when faced with challenging circumstances.

“I’d been working on ‘Nutten Wit We’ for so long, and in an instant everything was up in the air, but one of the themes of the song is resilience, and the process of completing the video ended up being a microcosm of that,” says Yearwood. “By incorporating real footage, from real people that are going through the trials and tribulations of isolation, the video ended up being more meaningful and it really means a lot to me to be able to launch this during this uncertain time.

“The various shots around NYC serve a dual purpose, highlighting both the drastic changes brought about by the shelter in place orders but also shining a spotlight on the places in the city my fiancée and I had some of our favorite dates.”

Yearwood is certainly no stranger to taking an unusual approach to success, having spent more than a decade working as a professional investor. Having gained his MBA at Wharton Business School, and MPA at Harvard Kennedy School, Yearwood found himself thrust into the world of music following a period of unemployment which motivated him to further explore his passions.

For his latest single, ‘Nutten Wit We’, Yearwood teamed up with New York-based vocal coach and performer Jac Grady, who’s known for her collaborations with Tony Award winner Ben Vereen, and Grammy Award winners Chaka Khan and Faith Esham. During filming of the video, Yearwood and Grady remained 10 feet apart in line with social distancing guidelines. “It was definitely a very unusual and different experience!” laughs Yearwood.

The new single is being launched under the umbrella of Mission Road Entertainment, which is yet another ambitious endeavor by Yearwood. Combining his investment acumen with his musical talents, the digital entertainment company is set to grow rapidly, with Yearwood as the music subsidiary’s inaugural artist.

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