On The Brink: Ukrainian Artists Reflect on Russia's Invasion in a New Exhibition

On The Brink: Ukrainian Artists Reflect on Russia’s Invasion in a New Exhibition

Shining a light on the power of art, a new exhibition from Bolsa Arts entitled “The Brink,” will launch on 14 July. A profound project, it features a print exhibition, magazine, and series of events that delve into the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the artistic practices of seven Ukrainian artists.

Curated by Bosla Arts’ artist-in-residence, Olga Tkachenko, this project serves as a testament to the resilience and unity of the Ukrainian people in the face of adversity.

“The Brink” is the culmination of Bosla Arts’ inaugural three-month residency program that gave Olga Tkachenko an opportunity to consider the lasting effect of the war on herself and her contemporaries.

Olga Tkachenko says, “My residency with Bosla Arts allowed me to leave Ukraine and contemplate Russia’s devastating invasion of my country. Through ‘The Brink,’ I was able to join forces with fellow Ukrainian artists, documenting how the full-blown invasion has profoundly transformed our lives and artistic expression. The work you see in the magazine and exhibition embodies the unwavering resilience of Ukrainian artists, striving to shed light on the ongoing crisis through their powerful practices.”

The featured artists in “The Brink” include Mitya Fenechkin, Jenya Polosina, Denys Shymanskyi, Serhii Siviakov, Olga Tkachenko, Kostiantyn Zorkin, and Olha Zhurba. Each artist brings a unique perspective, resulting in an exhibition that offers a diverse range of artistic responses to the invasion and its aftermath.

The exhibition will take place over three days, from the 14th – 16th July, at Yorkton Workshops in London, with an exciting line-up of events running alongside the exhibition. The program includes a launch party on the 14th, an Art & Solidarity: Music & Poetry Evening on the 15th, and a Film Screening & Q&A on the final day, showcasing the documentary “Outside” by Olha Zhurba.

The launch of the magazine, featuring the works of the seven artists, will be a highlight of the event, with 15% of every magazine sale going to Save Ukraine, supporting efforts to address the crisis and its impact on the Ukrainian people.

For more information about The Brink, please visit:  https://www.boslaarts.com/events/the-brink