Online Art Gallery With Decade of Experience Welcomes .art Digital Domain

Online Art Gallery With Decade of Experience Welcomes .art Digital Domain

Last December .art, an internet domain just for creatives, was launched. However, this rejection of the .com, and .org has received renewed attention in March after it was adopted by London’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), a sign of the domain’s infiltration of the digital world. Art2Arts, a leading online art gallery that was launched in 2006, welcomes this move, and what it could mean for the artistic online community.

Early adopters of this innovative internet suffix include industry publication, The Art Newspaper, curator, director and consultant, Love Watts and the Pissarro Gallery. Following on the ICA also swapping its domain for the catchier .art address this year, it is rumoured that institutions such as the Tate and the Guggenheim will follow.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed, “The widespread use of the internet has transformed the art industry as we know it, and the launch of .art recognises this. With a few simple letters, any website using the term is part of an instantly recognisable community, with its credentials immediately validated. Just as an web address helps users recognise trustworthy academic and research organisations, .art will help browsers distinguish between the most innovative, informative, inspiring and of course, authentic art based websites.

“Launched in December, it is still in its early days but the possibilities it could bring are incredible. Online art galleries, such as my own, are just one example of how the artistic world is benefiting from digital platforms. In reality, it is helping to fuel not only a new interest in the creative arts, but to enable more to get involved – .art will only help to push this discovery and opportunity further.”

E-flux, an artistic publishing platform, is acting as an advisor to UKCI, the British business responsible for administering the .art domain. Only artistic professionals and businesses will be given the opportunity to register at the domain for a period of three months, before it is more openly accessible.

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