Online Booking Platform for Tradeswomen Raises £400,000 to Drive Progress and Equality

Online Booking Platform for Tradeswomen Raises £400,000 to Drive Progress and Equality

TaskHer, the only booking platform where homeowners can exclusively book tradeswomen online has successfully completed a £400,000 round of funding to power its next phase of growth in the capital.

Co-founded by Anna and Paul Moynihan, TaskHer was born out of desire to encourage more women to pursue lucrative careers as tradeswomen in the face of a huge gender disparity. It has embarked on a mission to empower the UK’s 35,000 talented tradeswomen by normalising women in trades as diverse as plumbing and heating and gas. Since its launch mid-2022, the platform has gone from strength to strength, with its £400,000 pre-seed funding round now set to fuel a multi-pronged development strategy.

The funds raised will be used to refine the booking engine used by homeowners. Planned developments will see AI being deployed to gather information from the customer about the job they need doing. This will reduce friction and ensure the tradeswoman doesn’t arrive at the job to find it not as expected. Other plans in the works include tools to assist the thousands of qualified professionals using TaskHer to develop their trades businesses.

Anna commented, “The successful completion of our pre-seed funding round is an exciting achievement. The idea for TaskHer came about because I was annoyed with how complicated booking a tradesman could get, but even more annoying was that most of the men we hired would only talk to my husband. I know many women have had the same experience – speaking with a tradesman, only for him to reply to their question while looking at their husband.

“It got me thinking that there should be more women in this field, and that those who are already in it could use a helping hand – with our successful funding round completed, we’ll be able to take the next steps to make this vision a reality.”

As well as supporting women in the field, TaskHer allows homeowners to swiftly obtain quotes for electrical, plumbing, heating, and gas services, and seamlessly book and pay skilled tradeswomen online. By responding to a brief set of questions, customers initiate the process, dispatching their booking to tradeswomen available in their vicinity. Once a tradeswoman confirms acceptance of the job, they gain access to all necessary information to efficiently carry out the customer’s task.

Anna adds, “As well as expanding beyond London in 2025, we’re working on developing a native app for tradeswomen who work with us to use, so we can ensure they are prompted to pick up bookings, contact customers, and feedback on jobs they have completed. We also plan to expand our trade offering to include handywomen.

“Women have often been discouraged from pursuing a career in the trades and it’s time that changes. We’re proud of the role TaskHer is playing to help break down those barriers and move towards to true gender equality in the field.”

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