Online Consultations are the Future of Business

Online Consultations are the Future of Business

Savvy businesses that are thinking ahead can take advantage of consumers’ growing demand for convenient services by offering expert online consultations, with the new and innovative platform, Staxon. The forward-thinking brand predicts that the number of digital consultations taking place will explode in the next five years as both professionals and customers utilise the latest technology.

Online consultations are already being offered across a range of sectors but the introduction of Staxon is set to make it easier than ever before. Online doctor consultations are already being used across the country to save the healthcare industry valuable time and provide patients with an accessible service. But Staxon is envisioning a far-reaching impact from online consultations, transforming numerous sectors and offering a new proposition for both large, established businesses and aspiring freelancers, as well as everything in between.

Robert Meleady, Head of Commercial Strategy with Staxon, said, “People today are often time poor but they still want to be able to access expert advice and knowledge. Online consultations are the future of business, filling this vital gap in the current economy. Within the next few years you’ll be able to contact a whole host of professionals digitally from the comfort of your own home. From lawyers, business consultants or mediators delivering advice virtually to online music lessons, language tutoring or even fitness and nutrition sessions, the possibilities are endless and present exciting opportunities for those professionals that get on board.”

Staxon makes implementing an online consultation strategy effortless. Professionals simply need to sign up, listing their skills and setting a per minute rate, before they’re able to share their Staxon call button across their website and social media platforms. The cleverly designed video calling platform has a built-in payment method, ensuring that all fees are authorised and paid up front, eliminating concerns around bad debts. Staxon only takes a small commission based on the payment professionals receive, so they only pay out when the platform is working for them.

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