Online Platform for Retirees Launches with Pledge to Tackle the Emotional Toll of Social Isolation

Online Platform for Retirees Launches with Pledge to Tackle the Emotional Toll of Social Isolation

A new global online community has launched with the aim of connecting and supporting retirees across the world – a mission more important than ever as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads. 4Retirees is an Australian purpose-built global community for retirees across the world. It’s a vibrant meeting place of ideas, inspiration, knowledge, and experienced people who all come together to connect, interact, and support each other when they need it most.

Its launch this month is especially timely, given millions of people around the world are currently feeling the loneliness of social isolation. The platform has a wide range of digital services on offer, each carefully designed to engage, educate and encourage involvement and participation.

Created for retirees, by retirees, the 4Retirees platform is a fully interactive online community where older people can meet new friends, share experiences, learn from each other and support one another during this challenging period and beyond.

The launch comes at a time when global ‘stay at home’ orders are preventing retirees from socialising, spending time with family and enjoying their everyday hobbies and activities. It helps members to tap into a strong online support system, giving them friends to lean on, affords the opportunity to stay mentally active with free and paid online courses, and even earn extra money to supplement their pension by completing online tasks.

“Stay at home orders are essential for protecting physical health during the Coronavirus pandemic, and all around the world governments are making decisions that are ultimately helping to reduce the spread and minimise physical illness,” says 4Retirees Founder Magdalena Kusyk. “Quite rightly, physical health is the priority right now, but we can’t afford to overlook just how important mental health is in effectively handling the situation we’re in”.

“Now more than ever we need to ensure that the most vulnerable demographics have the support they need to stay emotionally as well as physically healthy. Many older people have had their social support systems pulled from beneath their feet practically overnight, which is why it is imperative that we provide access to critical support in addition to earning and learning opportunities. It is our aim to significantly reduce feelings of emotional isolation, even when we are physically isolating from others.”

Although 4Retirees has launched during the pandemic, it is designed to bring value and offer support to older people beyond coronavirus after eight months in development. Through the Jobs Match programme, 4Retirees is preparing to encourage retirees within the community to take advantage of online and on-demand sharing economy opportunities to supplement their income. It also provides access to a wide range of community-led courses to learn new skills.

4Retirees is free to join, with basic membership offering access to free online courses, real time Jobs Match results, community online events and webinars, social media groups and articles for insightful reads. With paid global membership, members additionally get access to connect directly with others, make new friends and take part in community discussions. Global members have access to the Jobs Match list of income opportunities, hand-picked exclusive free online courses and more.

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