Online programmes crucial for support when achieving self-development

Online programmes crucial for support when achieving self-development

Online programmes could transform the success of individuals striving towards self-development goals, according to experts in the industry. Karmaconcinnity, a new breed of self-support programme, is asserting that online platforms can fill a vital support gap when it comes to helping more people achieve the personal goals they’ve set out.

Taking inspiration from research1 demonstrating the power of web-based programmes, Karmaconcinnity has launched an offering that is set to revolutionise the self-development market. Studies have shown that online training can be an effective tool for improving mental wellbeing and helping to achieve a balanced work-life approach. With this in mind, Karmaconcinnity combined neuroscience research, corporate branding, and marketing strategies with powerful self-development and relaxation techniques. Effectively rolling all these elements into an intelligent system that guides the process, Karmaconcinnity is a programme with a difference.

Phil Rogerson, Founder and Marketing Director of Karmaconcinnity, said, “Online programmes can provide essential support for those working towards long-term goals. They allow those in need of support to effectively self-service and benefit without having to officially face up to the challenges they’re facing by seeking medical advice or counselling.

“Web-based platforms can act as a source of motivation when things get tough. In today’s world of fast paced lifestyles, digital self-development offerings are the perfect solution. Even those that are always on the go can access the support they need with a few taps on their phone, helping them to stay focussed and stick to their personal plans and visions.”

With an entirely online programme, Karmaconcinnity can fit seamlessly into users lives. After completing a research backed psychometric test, users are asked to define their goals, aided by the intelligent Karmaconcinnity system which draws upon big business strategies, including proposition development, SWOT analysis, value matrix, balanced scorecard, mission statement development, and prioritisation matrix. It then develops tangible plans for each individual to follow for the full 60 days – and beyond.

The Karmaconcinnity community receive on average five exercises to complete each day, all of which are expertly selected to reflect the findings of the programme’s earlier stages. The flexibility that Karmaconcinnity affords users means that taking steps towards goals has never been easier while the customisable approach ensures that each member benefits. The varied range of exercises, which draws on a diverse set of fields, guarantees that the unique 60-day programme remains varied, fresh, and interesting.

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