Why Organic Lives Should Start in the Bathroom – Not Just in the Kitchen

Organic, natural living has boomed in the US, with more families than ever before looking at the products they’re buying in closer detail. But Reverie Farms, a family run business specialising in pure products, is urging consumers to embrace the organic lifestyle in the bathroom, not just the kitchen, through nourishing skincare products.


Millions are keen to monitor the ingredients and products they’re putting in their body have adopted healthy living and diet changes, from taking vitamins to selecting organic, local produce. Reverie Farms is now encouraging consumers to take these lifestyle changes further by starting the process in the bathroom, benefitting all the family.


Jenae Brunner, Owner of Reverie Farms, said “We’re beginning to look more at what we eat but what we put on our skin is just as important. So many skincare and beauty products available in stores today contain harsh chemicals and unnecessary added ingredients. Far from delivering extra benefits they can potentially be harmful. Natural, organic products should form part of the movement towards healthier living that influences every aspect of our lives.”


Reverie Farms is one of the businesses that has taken the organic living movement and embedded it across every part of its operations. With every item in its store, including an extensive range of fragrant soaps, being completely natural, organic, biodegradable, and vegan friendly, the brand caters perfectly to those that want access to ethical products that don’t cost a fortune.


Jenae added, “Our ethical stance is crucial to the Reverie Farm brand and it’s reflected at every angle. The demand and interest that we’ve seen locally for such products only indicates the growing desire to extend the organic living movement to incorporate common bathroom products, from soap to sugar scrub.”


Reverie Farms is a family run business based in Argyle, Texas, that sells a range of beauty products as well as fresh produce from its farm. After building up a customer base in the local area, the business is now offering beauty lovers across the country a way to buy their products through the launch of an online store.

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