Outdoor TV Lift Units by Cabinet-Tronix Picked by Hearth & Home

Outdoor TV Lift Units by Cabinet-Tronix Picked by Hearth & Home

Cabinet-Tronix’s stylish outdoor TV lift cabinets have received star billing in the July issue of Hearth & Home Magazine.

The San Diego firm’s exteriors solution received pride of place in a feature dedicated to top entertainment products which bring fun to the outdoor space.

The Hearth & Home feature also references one of Cabinet-Tronix’s core motivations in creating its innovative line of weatherproofed hidden TV designs for decks, patios and poolside; that of creating an indoor-like outdoor living environment which gives everyone more reasons to get outside and truly enjoy the exterior of their homes.

Trace Mccullough, head designer at Cabinet-Tronix says, “There’s been a really big movement towards creating very functional, relaxing and usable outside spaces of late and many homeowners are looking for ways to enhance and extend their home by better utilizing their deck or patio for everyday lifestyle and entertainment.

“We are increasingly seeing customers who want stylish, sophisticated and entertainment-led pieces which give them the freedom to design and indoor-outdoor home to suit. Our beautiful, innovative outdoor TV lift cabinets do just that, bringing premium materials and superb craftsmanship from the indoors, out. We’re delighted to have been recognized in Hearth & Home magazine.”

Writing that many owners want to keep their TV out of site when not in use, even in outdoor spaces, the magazine spotlights the Cabinet-Tronix hidden TV lift units, with the wide range of exterior finishes, ease of movement and multi-functional designs.

Browse the full range of luxurious, conversation pieces perfect for outdoor living on the Cabinet-Tronix website: https://www.cabinet-tronix.com/ or read the feature in full at Hearth & Home: https://www.hearthandhome.com/magazine/2019-06-14/that_s_entertainment_.html