Outlaw Launches Alcohol-Inspired, Natural Lip Balms In 5 Deliciously Imaginative Flavors

Outlaw Launches Alcohol-Inspired, Natural Lip Balms In 5 Deliciously Imaginative Flavors

Outlaw, the US-based fragrance brand known for memory-inspired scents, has announced the release of five delicious lip balms. The natural lip balms offer unique, adult, alcohol-inspired flavors guaranteed to stir the Outlaw in whoever wears them.

Outlaw’s alcohol-inspired lip balm collection is a grown-up version of an everyday staple, bringing rambunctious flavor and personality to an ordinary daily grind. The lip balms are available in five flavors, each inspired by a delicious alcoholic beverage:

Whiskey Business – Whiskey and Cola flavored lip balm

Whiskey A Go-Go – Whiskey and Coffee flavored lip balm

Outlaw on the Rum – Rum and Cola flavored lip balm

Kentucky Mule – Whiskey and Ginger Beer flavored lip balm

Holiday Cheer (LIMITED until 12/25/22) – Holiday Mulling Spices flavored lip balm

Founded in 2013, Outlaw creates inspiring signature scents like leather, campfire, and clove, and champions ethics in personal fragrance, body care, and home fragrance products. These lip balms are made to Outlaw’s high-quality standards, with ingredients like beeswax and lanolin. Lanolin is a natural moisturizer, known for its extreme hydrating and softening properties to leave all lips kissably soft.

The lip balms are available to purchase as single items ($6/tube), or packs of 5 ($27/pack).  With the holiday-season ahead of us, a pack containing all five tasty flavors would make a great gift for any aspiring Outlaw.

Outlaw Co-Founder and CEO, Danielle Vincent, says, “It’s so hard to find a good lip balm, but our customers’ unquenchable thirst for adventure leads to frequently chapped lips. As lip enthusiasts, we at Outlaw feel it’s our job — no, our DUTY to give every American lips that are both delicious and kissable. Also, we like whiskey. And rum.”

In addition to the new lip balms, customers can shop a range of uniquely scented cologne, deodorant, body wash, natural soap, and lotion online at LiveOutlaw.com 

To find out more, visit: https://liveoutlaw.com 

About Outlaw

Outlaw is a modern lifestyle company that creates soap, cologne, and other body care products with scents that are inspired by real life, including leather, campfire, whiskey, clove, and freshly cut grass.

Scent research indicates that true-to-life “autobiographical” scents are powerful memory triggers, particularly in the recollection of happy memories. Danielle and Russ, the founders of Outlaw, have crafted specific scents designed to evoke confidence, happiness, and resilience.

Outlaw’s products are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, made with natural ingredients, and sustainably packaged. Everything Outlaw sells is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Outlaw is based in Sparks, Nevada.


Danielle Vincent