Paddle Naples Gives Tourists New Way to See Southwest Florida and Promises to Fill Itineraries

Paddle Naples Gives Tourists New Way to See Southwest Florida and Promises to Fill Itineraries

Tourists heading to Southwest Florida that want to experience something new and exciting should have local adventure company Paddle Naples on their radar. Already a hit with locals looking for a unique outing, the active firm offers paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing tours for all abilities that gives thrill seekers incredible views and a chance to experience the natural beauty of the region.

Having been in operation for four years, the adventure guides at Paddle Naples take tourists to the best locations for spotting wildlife, from joining playful pods of dolphins to catching glimpses of manatees beneath the waves. The region where the business operates, from Naples to Fort Meyers, is teeming with sea creatures and intriguing birdlife, including pelicans, osprey, herons, and egrets, for those seeking an active tour to search for. Experienced adventurers that want to explore the local area by water alone have that option too, thanks to the flexible services offered by Paddle Naples.

Brent Bensmiller, Founder of Paddle Naples, said, “The stunning beauty of the nature of Southwest Florida is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the area but it’s something that not many visitors get to really experience. Paddle Naples is setting out to change that by taking our customers out on to the water to see it first hand from an entirely new perspective. From families looking for an adventure that every member will enjoy right through to experienced paddleboarders that just need to get their hands on some quality equipment for their trips, we offer tailored tours and services to match customers.”

Customers are given the ultimate flexibility when using Paddle Naples, with the option to choose hourly, daily, or multi-day rentals and tours. From full-guided eco tours through to getting local advice, the passionate experts working at the busienss help to give vacations the added wow factors for a memorable trip.

Bensmiller added, “I started out kayaking the inlets and bay in the Bonita Springs area in 2010. On the first trip out, I kayaked within feet of a pod of dolphins and had such an amazing experience as they circled the kayak, as if I were part of the pod. After the first trip, I was craving more and began frequenting the same kayaking spots. I encountered dolphins on almost every trip out and it continued to be as magical as the first time. Needless to say, I was hooked and continued to get out on the water as much as possible. It’s this experience we want to give every customer of Paddle Naples.”

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