Paint By Numbers Kits On Track to be One of Biggest Sellers for Christmas 2021

Paint By Numbers Kits On Track to be One of Biggest Sellers for Christmas 2021

This Christmas, an old favourite looks set to make a big comeback, with sales of paint by numbers kits rising sharply. Ohio-based Painting by Numbers Shop, which ships painting sets all around the world, is seeing more and more shoppers choosing these somewhat unusual gifts as personalised presents for friends, family, and loved ones, particularly after such a challenging year.

First invented by designer Dan Robbins back in the 1950s, paint by numbers sets are rising in popularity at a time when many families are still unable to get together for the holidays. By finishing a painting – and gifting that completed painting to a loved one – amateur artists are able to give a very personal part of themselves to friends and family this year, even if they have to be apart.

Of course, some shoppers are choosing to gift unfinished paintings to friends, and family, too, providing them with an opportunity to pick up a new hobby or develop their artistic skills. All sets from Painting by Numbers Shop contain everything that’s needed to create a masterpiece – right through from the canvas to the paints and brushes – so they can be enjoyed immediately, with no need to worry about sourcing accessories during the hectic festive season.

Roman Drozd, CEO of Painting by Numbers Shop said, “The popularity of painting by numbers has grown steadily over the past few years, especially as our collection has expanded to offer a wider range of choices to suit a broader variety of interests. However, this year we’re seeing a marked increase in sales, particularly as we edge closer to the holidays. It’s wonderful to see people of all ages and all skill levels embracing the benefits of painting, and we have little doubt that quality paint by numbers sets will be at the top of many people’s Christmas lists this year!”.

Drozd is certainly correct when discussing Painting by Numbers Shop’s extensive range of choices. From festive Christmas images and modern abstract pieces to traditional landscapes, beautiful flowers, and cute animals, there’s a huge selection of options available through the website. And for those looking for a highly personalised gift, Painting by Numbers Shop can even take a personal photograph and transform it into a paint by numbers kit.

While there are perhaps many reasons why paint by numbers sets are a bestseller for Christmas 2021, the global health crisis is likely to have been a driver. Reports show that demand for paint by numbers kits grew by more than 150% over lockdown as people searched for relaxing activities to reduce stress, fun things to do at home, and ultimately a distraction from the situation. Even kids are enjoying painting by numbers, and many parents have turned to these sets to help their children develop critical motor skills, focus their concentration, and learn new skills during the school closures.

Painting sets that include everything that’s needed to create a wonderful hand-painted image are available now from the Painting by Numbers Shop website. To browse the sets, or learn more, visit